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Twinning Project Visitors arrive at Katunguru Primary School

Today, Adam Stanley, Heather Green and Henry Green arrived at the end of our lunch time. They were greeted by Headteacher, Levi and Twinning Project Co-ordinator, Ramathan. Mr Stanley went straight inside to meet with Peace Corps volunteer, Robert and they were overheard having many animated discussions. Heather and Henry met with Levi and taught some children some old fashioned English nursery rhymes.

After this, the three visitors went to each class to be introduced to the children and to answer questions.

We would like to ask our friends at Hart Plain Junior School: How do you make your visitors welcome? What songs would you teach them?

Uganda 2016 Day Nine – A successful meeting

Today was the first joint teachers and Community Conservation Rangers meeting at Hippo House. The main aim as far as I was concerned was to give the opportunity for teachers and rangers to find areas of commonality and plan assemblies, lessons or activities together so that they could work similarly to how Liss has worked with Steve Peach in the past and Joe Williams now.  It was my job to chair the meeting and facilitate the activities. Sixx CCRs plus the Community Warden, Olivia Birra, showed up along with seven teachers.

We were extremely fortunate that Charles Etoru, who co-founded the Twinning Project with Steve Peach, was in the area and had agreed to give a speech. He was inspirational and (better still) ended up staying the whole morning so he could work with the groups. We discussed friendship, communication, blogging, planning activities together and came up with a list of agreed actions which should allow everyone to move forward together. The Twinning Project also gave each school an amount of money to help them communicate through email and blogging with the incentive of more money being released if the Ugandan schools reached a target number of emails or blog posts by the end of October.

The meeting finished at 16.30 and we went to the safari hostel over the road for a couple of drinks to celebrate before going down to dinner at Tembo. Tomorrow we are visiting Kyambura Gorge and we have to be up at 05.30. As much as I’m looking forward to chimp tracking another early start is not high on my list of priorities.